The most common type of illustrations of him depict him as a smiling (old) aristocrat with two attendants who are dressed in bugaku dancers' outfits. The Big Dipper is usually seen above the three of them. Interestingly, in all three pieces the colors red/orange and green are prevalent.

The two attendants are named Nishita and Teireita and are either seen surrounded by bamboo and myoga ginger or are holding them. In the middle and right image they're seen striking the ground with metal sticks to create sparks and clean the way for Matarajin-sama. There's litle text talking about them, but we know that they're so called douji, who are beginner Buddhist religious workers (usually children). Nishita and Teireita's gender and what they are are unknown, but it's presumed that they're oni.

The three of them are also considered one single entity. If we consider the legend of Mt. Tiantai where it's said that the Big Dipper's stars are the steps to Heaven and that in some interpretations Nishita and Teireita are the Big Dipper, they act as mediums between Matarajin-sama and the forward facing world.