One of these statues is not like the others. A kamisama Matarajin-sama is often conflated with is Shinra Myoujin (left) and from his looks and his role as a guardian of Buddhism and foreigner status it's easy to see why. Still, the aristocratic clothing and the red/green color scheme persists.

These statues were/are divine images of him (goshintai, or rather, since he's Buddhist, butsuzou) placed inside altars, most likely behind buddha statues. Two of them are missing a tsuzumi drum from their hands, but I've seen a version of the middle statue with a drum in his hand which I find interesting. Perhaps the objects one can place into his hand are variable.

This is sort of confirmed by a butsuzou of him sold at an online shop where he's holding a scroll instead of a drum. Perhaps it's the Pure Land Sutra.