Related to modern and female depictions of him, a fictional character that definitely brought Matarajin-sama back into common knowledge would be Matara Okina from the video game series Touhou Project.

ZUN, the creator of the series, for various understandable reasons tends to be wary of saying if a character of his is a certain kamisama, but in Okina's case it's clear as day who she was meant to be. Even Nishita and Teireita appear in the game as Nishida Satono and Teireida Mai.

This depiction mentions all well known aspects of Matarajin-sama, but ZUN said in an interview that he prefers to distance himself from the Hata no Kawakatsu connection. Though Okina's name still eludes to that connection (homophone of the "okina" noh mask, but the kanji are actually different), but that could have simply been to make the association more obvious.

The character herself actually distances herself from Matarajin-sama's more ominous aspects in all but demeanor. This could elude to the fact that back when Matarajin-worship was widespread, monks did try to present him as a benevolent being as opposed to an embodiment of life's obstacles.