Ame no Uzume no Mikoto 『天宇受売命』is a patron of kagura dance and any and all arts that are in one form or another devoted to kami. She's also a kamisama of joy and celebration. All in all, she embodies passion.

According to legend, she herself is a shamaness (of which the modern equivalent would be miko『巫女』) and a kamisama at the same time. With her embodying dawn, it's easy to see her as a reflection of shrine maidens, as in Japan the most revered kamisama -Amaterasu-Omikami- embodies the sun, while dawn is the event of the sun rising to illuminate the earth.

The invention of kagura dance and sarugaku as well are attributed to her, shedding light on her nature as the one who brings joy to kamisama and humans alike.