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I mislead you once more (if you've visited my "Diary" page before).
E-shrines were actually supposed to be fan-pages, but I decided to dedicate this one
to my faith, Shinto, and my kamisama (plural).

Click on one of their names to visit their shrines or scroll further down for more information on Shinto.

What is Shinto?

Shinto (神道) is the native* religion of Japan.
It's an animistic faith, which means that the objects of Shinto worshippers' (ujiko's) faith are natural objects
such as rivers, rocks, trees or the sun. The spirits that embody these are referred to as kami (神) or kamisama.

It has no sacred scripture, nor a promise of a better existence after death.
Shinto is a faith focused on life and coexistence with humans, animals, natural phenomena and that which we cannot name.

That's the short and far from expansive explanation, but if you're looking for more information, check out