The Light of Joy during Dark Times

After Amaterasu-sama hid within Ama no Iwato, the world was cast into darkness. For that reason, the world fell into despair, as plants no longer grew and people were left hungry.

Many kamisama desperately tried to lure Amaterasu-sama out of the cave, but no one succeeded. They asked for the guidance of Omoikane-sama, who instructed them to bring various objects of worship, (many of which are sacred objects within Shinto) and offerings to her. When everything was prepared, Ame no Koyane no Mikoto recited a norito, Futodama no Mikoto was performing divination and they brought chickens whose voice would bring about the end of the night and made them croak.

Then appeared Uzume-sama, having overturned a tub and dancing on top with her breasts exposed. The previously gloomy and solemn atmosphere was soon filled by the laughter and cheers of kami.

Soon enough, the commotion caused Amaterasu-sama to emerge from Ama no Iwato.

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